Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS Review | Best motorcycle gps reviews

Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS Review | Best motorcycle GPS reviews

Garmin’s Nuvi series of GPS navigation systems always had a flare for innovative designs for being trimmed down, giving it a streamlined appearance which does away with bulky protrusions since this GPS system uses a slim battery system that allows it to maintain its slender look. The size of its 5 inch touchscreen display goes quite well with its appearance as Garmin made sure to emphasize more of its screen size rather than the unit as a whole, making it look very slim. The Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS  has the biggest LCD touchscreen display among all other Garmin navigation systems for vehicles by far and it has all the advantages of giving users a wider perspective of the details along the way, particularly the adjacent areas which can not be shown on smaller GPS units. Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS Review

Garmin Nuvi 52LM Car and Motorcycle GPS

Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS Review Best motorcycle gps reviews

Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS Review Best motorcycle gps reviews

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The Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS has a wide angle screen area in which it can render a 480 by 272 pixel resolution giving users brilliant and clear image quality which is very important to define every object on its map. The Nuvi 52LM was specifically designed for use inside vehicles since its battery can only operate independently for two full hours and the constant use of its cigarette car charger is needed to supplement its operating requirements. The design of the Nuvi 52LM is more towards a thinner appearance in which needed a thinner battery compared to other Garmin products that have a heftier look.

This GPS system was specifically made to adapt seamlessly along with the rest of the dashboards instrument panel, allowing it to blend in without obstructing the view of the dashboard’s main instrument panel. Having a minimalistic approach on the Nuvi 52LM’s design, Garmin made sure that it had all of the most useful features that all of its other GPS navigation system has to make it as efficient in accurately giving users their location in real time. Among these features is a dual notification system that activates voice prompts that notify the driver on very turn that they have to make along its route. Added to this it also features a lane assisting notification that zooms the display of any incoming lane changes prior to reaching the said waypoint. This dual notification system makes certain that it gets the driver’s attention one way or another to ensure that they do not miss any segment of important turning points on their destination.

The built in memory of the Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS uses the latest SSD (Solid State Drive) technology which stores all important data such as maps and way points into one single storage area which securely maintains data integrity reducing data corruption. Having the latest City Navigator® NT North America data map built into the SSD storage ensures that your system stays fully optimized. As far as map updates are concerned, the Nuvi 52LM can be fully updated through the Garmin Express website that not only lets you update your maps, but it also lets you customize features on your Nuvi 52LM such as themes, languages and voice notifications as well. Weighing in at 6.4 ounces and measuring at 5.5 inches in length by 3.4 inches in width and with a thickness of less than an inch (0.8), the Garmin Nuvi 52LM is priced around $100 and includes a suction car mounting system, a cigarette car charger, a USB data cable and a user’s manual which also includes a 30 day warranty.


The Nuvi GPS systems are known for their slender designs and with the Nuvi 52LM, having a larger 5 inch LCD touch screen display panel seems to have improved the way users see things in a more clearer perspective. The entire front panel of the Nuvi 52LM has a total area of 6.5 inches, giving its 5 inch touchscreen just enough room to fit in. Its 5.5 inch length by 3.4 inch width can be compared to the size of a smart phone, along with having less than an inch of thickness (0.8) which gives the Nuvi 52LM a streamlined appearance. However, a slim design does need to have some compromise as this GPS system ended up with having a very slim battery design in which it needed to be fitted into its slender casing. This eventually led for the battery to be able to run for about 2 hours and needs to be constantly connected to its car charger to supplement its power requirements.


One interesting feature that the Nuvi 52LM has with regard to its navigational features is its ability to give visual notifications by the way it automatically zooms in to let you know that there is an upcoming change of lanes in which you should take. This will divide the display into 2 segments to show you the lane change prior to reaching that point, in which it will be followed by a voice notification that indicates that you have to change lanes. This is one way of making sure that drivers do not miss a single turn that they will be persistently notified before they reach that certain way point. Being able to freely update map data information as needed is one good feature that Garmin has graciously provided to GPS systems that were appended with the category designation of “LM” (Lifetime Maps) and not only maps but also some other interesting features as well such as firmware updates, language and voice notifications as well, all which can be accessed through the Garmin Express website. Most people also thought that it was a good part on Garmin to include a free windshield suction mounting system, which was usually sold as an optional accessory, and it was nice that they included this in their package as well. To use the Garmin Nuvi 52LM on a motorbike, you need to buy a motorcycle mount and preferably a waterproof case as well.


The Nuvi 52LM uses the same type of touchscreen technology which can effectively produce a 480 by 272 pixel resolution that has a high quality of sharp details that it can easily render due to its 5 inch wide angle area. By far, the Nuvi 52LM is the first among the Nuvi product line to have a bigger screen area of more than 4.3 inches and it seems that Garmin is starting to make bigger LCD screens for both car and motorcycle use as well. As same with all other Garmin navigation products, the Garmin Nuvi 52LM GPS also has a glare free screen in which it repels the reflection of ambient lighting conditions that can obstruct the readability of the images on its display, which fully augments its 5 inch LCD panel, giving users the full benefit of an optimized viewing experience.

Final Thoughts:

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A streamlined design, a 5 inch LCD touchscreen panel, dual automated notification system, free lifetime map upgrades and a free complementary car suction mounting system all in for a price of around $100 is more than reasonable enough considering that it is made by Garmin. Although the battery life expectancy could use a lot of improvements since 2 hours of full battery use is not really that helpful but since the Nuvi 52LM is specifically for vehicle use only, its limited battery life should never be a problem since it will be constantly plugged into your car’s cigarette charger. The special developed Garmin Zumo motorcycle GPS devices are more suitable to use on a motorcycle.


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