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Garmin GPS Deals

Garmin GPS Deals

There are a lot of different types of Garmin GPS devices available. Whether these GPS devices are primary meant for cars and motorcycles, for hiking in the mountains or running and cycling.

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Garmin is the most-known manufacturer of GPS and they have a superb reputation. They have been making navigation devices already since 1989 and as of May 2014, they have sold more then 126 million Garmin GPS devices. In only the last 14 years it really took off because since 2000 Garmin has sold over 120 million navigation devices. Garmin is the market leader and are receiving higher customer ratings compared to the devices from TomTom, Magellan and others. Of course the navigation devices from TomTom and Magellan will still bring you from A to B but some say they are less user friendly, have fewer options or less accurate.

Garmin doesnt just has a long history of building GPS devices but they really know how to produce the best navigation units and user software.

Since every year or every few years Garmin is introducing a new version of their GPS devices, you can find a lot of great GPS deals on the previous versions but also on the new versions of Garmin navigation devices.

Which Garmin GPS deals are the most interesting for you?

A question which is quite often heard, is which Garmin GPS device is the best for me? That question can only be answered with the return question, for which reason do you want to use your GPS device?

If you solely want to use your GPS device to navigate with your car for your work or for holidays, then probably you’re best off with the special range of Garmin car navigation devices.

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The Garmin Nuvi is specially developed to use in a car and to bring you from A to B in the most efficient way. Nowadays most Garmin Nuvi’s come with free lifetime maps of Northern America and handy features like lane indication and a whole database full with popular points of interest.

Garmin saw the demand to use navigation devices on motorcycles since so many people ride motorcycles nowadays and they go touring for day trips or several days. Because the Garmin Nuvi’s are not waterproof at all, they are not really the best option to use on a motorcycle. Of course you can buy an additional waterproof case and a motorcycle GPS mount for your Garmin Nuvi but the user friendliness will be less.

So if you would like to use your navigation device a lot on a motorcycle then you might want to invest a little bit more (although with a great deal that higher price might not be that much more, if at all).

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The Garmin Zumo product line is specially designed to use on a motorcycle. The Garmin Zumo is of course waterproof and the user input touch screen can be used with your gloves on. Next to that, they come standard with an easy to use mounting system to fix the GPS device on your handlebar or on any other bar.

Since the Garmin Zumo is developed with the thought of bikers as main users, a lot of options are re-designed. For instance, the optional Garmin tire pressure monitor system can be connected to the Garmin Zumo so that you can see directly what status your tire pressure has. As you know, the tires are so important since they are the only two contact points to the street. Less pressure is every biker’s worst dream!

The last Garmin GPS deals we will highlight, are the GPS devices for hikers. It appears that a lot of bikers would like to combine their navigation device to use for a bit of hiking as well. Whether that is serious hiking through the mountains for several days with a tent or just great day trip walks to a beautiful waterfall or other scenic place.

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The Garmin Montana’s are the most popular navigation units for hikers. The great thing is that these units can easily be used in a car or on a motorcycle as well. With a special suction mount you can easily fix the Garmin Montana to the front windscreen and navigate your car through the streets. To use these on a motorcycle you should buy a motorcycle GPS handlebar mount.

Normally all hiking GPS devices are waterproof as well so you don’t have to worry about that and save you to buy a special waterproof case. Unfortunately the touch screen isn’t sensitive enough to use with gloves on so when you want to change your directions, you should stop and take off your gloves. If you’re not riding a lot in cold temperatures, then this isn’t really a huge problem.

Of course the best part is that you can just ride to a nice start point and continue hiking to that great spot with the same Garmin Montana GPS device. This could save you a lot of money since you don’t have to buy two devices!

As you can see now, you have to make up your mind first before buying a new GPS device. There are some great deals to find on Garmin GPS navigation units but you have to know which one you want first. Check out this website to read the reviews of some GPS devices and then get your best Garmin GPS deals.

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