BMW Navigator Adventure Motorcycle GPS Review | GPS Review 2017

BMW Navigator Adventure Motorcycle GPS Review

The BMW Navigator Adventure GPS represents BMW’s same philosophy of applying the efficiency of the latest technology along with the refinement of easily using their products for the benefit of the user. This has been a long-standing testament with regard to the cars and motorcycles that they put out which should be considered more than an assurance that customers are getting what they paid for in terms of quality. BMW has been including navigational accessories in their vehicles for a long time now, but it was only just recently that BMW decided to source out their GPS technology from a company that knows how to really make GPS navigational systems which is no other than Garmin. Garmin navigational systems are world renowned for their accuracy and durability and have been used by explorers and world travelers in some of the most remote locations on Earth. As far as BMW is concerned, Garmin is one of the best manufacturers that meet with BMW’s standards of excellence.
BMW Navigator Adventure Motorcycle GPS

BMW Navigator Adventure Motorcycle GPS Review |  GPS Review 2017

BMW Navigator Adventure Motorcycle GPS Review | GPS Review 2017

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The Navigator Adventure GPS uses the latest technology in satellite navigation, which has an improved ability of pinpointing your actual location under any circumstances, whether you are in between deep canyons or behind tall structures such as high rises, its geocaching features will give you your current location in real time. Specifically designed for motorcycle use, the Navigator Adventure was made to withstand the harshest road conditions, including increment weather as it is expected to perform regardless of any driving conditions. Built to be shockproof and resistant to most corrosive elements such as acids and oils, its heavy duty crack resistant plastic casing is completely leak-proof from outside moisture including its rechargeable battery pack to ensure that the Navigator Adventure lives up to its purpose. Besides having a pre-loaded map, users can also upload their own maps or even generate their own maps using topographic data. As for its power supply, the Navigator Adventure has a dual battery system which extends its operating time by as much as 22 hours which is quite useful should you find that the Lithium-Ion batteries of the GPS system are nearly discharged in which you can easily substitute ordinary double “A” batteries to continue navigating through your route.
There is no question about the Navigator Adventure’s features as it was made by Garmin using current navigational technology under the strict specification of BMW. Weighing in at 5 pounds, it may be considered a bit heavier and bulkier than most GPS systems with the same LCD screen display size of 4.3 inches. Given that the manufacturers emphasized more in putting more battery power to enable it to operate for as long as 16 to 22 hours since the Navigator was specifically designed for motorcycle driving, the bulk of its weight came from having a heavier battery pack along with being able to utilize double “A” batteries for emergency purposes. Since the entire casing of this GPS system was built around to provide adequate protection for its internal components, along with having most of its weigh at the back portion where its battery pack is located, the whole device is sealed off from moisture and dust by a silicon rubber membrane that goes around the entire casing.
The BMW Navigator Adventure has a 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen display that features a self adjusting brightness setting that automatically conforms to any lighting condition, even during mid day. This gives users with low visual acuity a more detailed view of the maps on the screen. It automatically adjusts to night mode just as soon as the lighting conditions start to dim which is convenient when you are driving into the sunset. There are two standard presets that come with the Navigator Adventure in which users can choose between car and motorcycle settings, which can be fully customized according to your driving needs.
People are usually bothered by the presence of a lot of control interface on their touchscreen in which most of the time they often end up touching the wrong button. This can be a bit annoying since most people only use 3 controls while navigating and it is nice to know that you can ignore the other controls, which are not really essentially used while driving. The battery life cycle has been further extended as you can also use ordinary double “A” batteries in conjunction with its standard Lithium-Ion battery pack if in any case that it runs low in power.
Its standard Lithium-Ion battery enables the Navigator Adventure to operate for a straight 16 to 22 hours on one single charge, though battery charge will never be a problem if you will be using this GPS system in your vehicle or on your motorcycle since it can be connected to a cigarette charging port. Map and data storage will not be a problem since the Navigator Adventure has an expandable MicroSD slot which enables you to load a lot of maps up to 16 gigabytes of data.
This also enables you to share your route and traveling information such as waypoints to your friends along with the ability to update the latest maps over the air (OTA) or even directly access map data from the Internet while you are navigating along your route. As for its accuracy, the Navigator Adventure has a 3 axis gyroscopic compass that gives you an accurate reading on your current location, which does not require you to have a steady hand in handling it. Unlike other GPS systems that require you to steadily hold your device as it determines your true location.
Judging by how Garmin manages to make LCD touch screens that are both responsive and visually readable under any lighting conditions, the BMW Navigator Adventure is remarkably vibrant as well as very responsive in automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast setting according with prevailing lighting conditions without the need for user intervention as it is a factory setting that comes out of the box as users can enable or disable this feature any time they want to suit their own purpose. A 4.3 inch touchscreen is big enough for any navigational need as it is big enough as not to obscure the view of your instrument panel.
Final Thoughts:

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Conclusion of this motorcycle GPS review is that the BMW Navigator Adventure can perform very well with regard to people’s expectation of what a good quality GPS system can do for you under any circumstances, whether that be on a dashboard or on a motorcycle’s handlebar as it is pitted against any weather or road condition that you might encounter along the way. Given the fact that it was designed using Garmin’s innovative technology, its accuracy in giving your location along with its extended battery life is more than enough to ensure you that you will be able to get to your destination without any problem. At a price range of $799, it may be quite a bit expensive although you must consider that you have the best of both brand names as BMW and Garmin riding along with you and guiding you on every turn you make. It even comes with a free cradle mount for your car or your motorcycle, but you have to keep in mind on where you intend to attach you GPS system since you can order the complete package for either your car or for your motorcycle only. Optional mounting systems can be bought separately since BMW wants to assure customers that quality is very important to them as they specifically design their GPS mounting as a whole unit which can not be interchanged to fit other mounting purposes other than what was originally specified.

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